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How Bail Works

Another name for bail bonds is surety bonds, also being the most prevalent way of bailing. In case, the person does not have ample money, he can use a bail bond company to solve his problem. This company will pay for the band, only charging 10% of the price of the client. This money is returned to the company if their client attends the court dates regularly. This means that if the bail was $5, 000, the client would only have to pay $500 to the bail bond company.

The Bail Bonds Company has invested a handsome sum of money in the case that they obviously don’t want to lose. Thereby, the client also has to bring along a co-signer who will also pledge on the deal. This way, if the client is unable to attend the court meetings or ‘bails’ out of the deal; the co-signer can fill his boots. This person is someone close to the client, mostly another family member. However, the co-signer will be liable to return the total amount back to the company in case the client runs off.

Right to Bail

The bail process has its root in the American Legal system that claims that everyone is ‘Innocent until proven guilty’. Other benefits of the bail system are that the liability on the taxpayer dollar is lowered significantly and so are the inhabitants in prisons across the county. Since these companies operate in the private sector, the clients can show up for their court hearing without any payment to tax or the government. The facts and figures show that defendants who use the help of a bail bondsman are more likely to recover than those that only have a warrant but no bail company behind them.


Your Rights

You should always be informed about your rights; particularly if you’re investing into a bail process. Thanks to Florida’s laws, you are safe and have certain rights if you are pledge on a bond. Very few causes can allow a Bail Bondsman to keep you in jail, all the while keeping the payment you gave him for bail. Not to worry because these postulates are clearly mentioned on the bond you have signed, so that you are well aware of all the condition that will permit you to be sent back to prison without giving back to your payment.


  • Defendant does not inform the agent that he has changed his house, phone number or job before he has done any of these changes.
  • Defendant flees from the country without notifying or taking a permit from the agent.
  • The Defendant is charged with another crime while he is still a bond contract. Traffic offenses do not count in this, though.
  • Defendant does not come to the court hearings, and the company is forced to pay the amount of the bond.
  • Defendant does any sort of action that convinces the agent that he/she will disrupt the rules of the bond or breach it entirely in the coming future.

If the defendant is returned to jail without any justification, then as per the rules of Florida, the entire sum of money has to be given back to the one who paid it in the first place.

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