The Bail Process

A love one being arrested can be a traumatic and confusing time if you

are not familiar with the bail process. The information below will

explain how the bail process works.

The Most Trusted Name in Bail

The bail bonds industry has gained a popular name since the establishments of A-1 Bail Bonds of St. Lucie four decades ago. Our help extends to everyone needing State, Federal and Indian River County bail bonds. All jails at all times are accessible through us.

If you have a warrant, you can contact an A-1 Bail Bonds agent to help you all hours of a day. The office is found in downtown Vero, with our staff present at all times. St lucie Bail Bondsman are there to assist you whenever you demand. If you have any query please contact our agents who are present 24/7.

Have a question? Consult with one of our expert agents for bail bonds at any time of the day.

Loved One Arrested Now What?

In case someone is charged with a crime, they are duly arrested and consequently transported to Port Saint Lucie County Main Jail on N Rock Rd. Depending on the severity of the crime, the price of the bail is decided that can help them to get out of the jail. Now the family or friends need a bail bondsman to help them complete this entire process professionally.

Loved One Arrested Now What?

So now you can get help from A-1 Bail Bonds for your friends and Family. We charged a rate which is fixed by the state of Florida. So you don’t have to worry about the pricing. Call our experienced agents now for more information regarding the Bail process.


Bail on EASY with our agents

Getting a bail is as easy as calling a bail bondsman, because they will handle the whole process. The state of Florida has made the pricing itself, i.e. 10% of the bond and minimum $100 per charge. In most cases, no security fee is demanded (unless a particular situation arises). Once your signatures are done on the deal, it is a pledge that you shall also appear at all court dates until or unless the case is finished or settled within those involved.


Fastest Agency in town. Call An Agent now to get a saint lucie bail boundsman

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